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A title search can identify all public records that relate to the property. An attorney or agent will use a variety legal records to confirm that the owner is the legal owner of the land in the majority of instances. Beyond that, the title search on the internet also digs up any other liens or claims that are against the property. These could range from property taxes (paid or unpaid) to judgments filed against the property owner due to a variety of infractions.

To have full access to this information, you need to conduct an investigation of the title at least once a year. Contact the county clerk in the county where the property is in order to complete this. They will notify you when the title search is due, and what the cost will go. Usually, they are affordable. However, you should also take into consideration that if there has been several previous owners or that there are multiple judgments against the property the costs could get expensive quickly.

There’s a different method to go about conducting an a title search that doesn’t require the county clerk. You can also make contact with a title agency or private investor who is able to access the public records and locate all judgments and liens against the property. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of calling the lien holder, or writing them an email. Sometimes it will take going to court or making formal requests through courts. However, regardless of how it comes about, the process of finding the judgments and liens may be lengthy and difficult.

In all of this it’s crucial to keep in mind that every activity has a location and a time. If there are multiple parties involved, it is important to perform your due diligence. You must conduct an inquiry into title regardless of whether you are working with a real estate agent, a title company, or an investor who is private. The only way to get title is to have a legal claim on the property on the date of the transaction.

As mentioned previously it is possible to purchase the house on your own and have an open-title insurance policy. Having this policy in place will make the process of selling extremely easy to complete. However, not everyone will have this easy process. Since there is so much at stake when selling the house and since titles searches are required to ensure that you have clear title, you need to follow your state’s regulations regarding the process with great care.

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If you are purchasing the house by yourself and you find judgments and liens registering against the property, you should first obtain an official title search from the county in which the house is located. A limited coverage search is not likely to uncover additional liens which will stop buyers from purchasing the property. A lien register is typically list all liens on a deed of trust.

Title insurance generally protects you from liens and judgments after closing. A title search could reveal other ownership issues. For example in the event that there was a previous owner who had a mortgage on the house but did not make an entire payment, it could be that the mortgage was refinanced. A title search may reveal the name of the person who held the mortgage in this case. To protect yourself from allegations of wrongdoing made by others, you’ll be required to create an Limited Liability Company (LLC) or an unlisted mortgage in the event that there is no mortgage.

Sometimes, a Limited Liability Company or an Unlisted Mortgage will be required to pay some taxes. In these instances you must inform the local tax authority of trust deeds or other ownership issues used to purchase the house. After completing your title search in a timely manner you will be better prepared to present this information to your closing agent or attorney when you close.

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